Take your business to the next level.
The racing industry’s newest everyday, year-round revenue stream.

Perfect for racetracks, karting facilities, and auto museums.

Let’s make racing safer.

High-speed racing is inherently dangerous. Luckily, virtual racing is a great way for drivers to improve their skills in a safe environment.

Run leagues, camps, competitions, and more.

The revenue opportunities are numerous. Engage your customer base on a new level with nightly full-grid leagues, monthly camps, classroom sessions, and even private lessons.

Learn the track.

Crashing can be costly to both the track and the driver, and even expert drivers make mistakes when driving a new track for the first time. An on-site virtual racing center allows all drivers to get acclimated to your track before firing up the engine.

Racing for all ages.

Since on-track racing is cost-prohibitive for most people, virtual racing can substitute as a low-cost entry into the sport, especially for parents looking to get their kids into racing.

Huge hit on race weekends.

The perfect time for a fastest lap competition? A race weekend when thousands of fans visit your track! Promote competitions like this and watch your bottom line grow.

Natural addition to your trackside bar and restaurant.

The perfect trio: racing, food, and drinks. Adding a virtual racing center to your restaurant doesn’t just create and entertaining spectacle, it also adds to your food and beverage revenue because you’ll be generating additional traffic on league nights.